It is the erecting equipment
used to connect the pressure sensors to the process. It is used to prevent hot process fluids from damaging the sensor and for cooling purpose. It is made of solid material and as stainless steel. It can be defined as manometer cooler siphon, cooler apparatus, u siphon, trumpet siphon, cooler.

ELX 31 Syphon

16 bar , ST 37 Steel
1/2"BSP Female / 1/2"BSP Female
(Process / Sensor)

ELX 32 Syphon

30 bar , 304 Stainless Steel
1/4"BSP Male / 1/4"BSP Male
(Process / Sensor)

ELX 33 Syphon

30 bar , 304 Stainless Steel
1/2"BSP Male / 1/2"BSP Male
(Process / Sensor)

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