The ECAS capacitive level switch offers high precision limit control in the level management of solid and liquid materials, despite dust, foam, dirt or similar particles.
The capacitive measuring principle is based on detecting the changing capacity value depending on the mass between the electrode and the tank surface. The sensor electrode is immersed in the material up to the desired point after the installation and the value read by the sensor is recorded as the limit level. Thus, the sensor, which detects only the unique capacity created by the material, is not affected from other materials in the fluid and offers a high sensitivity.
ECAS capacitive switch is designed for the most difficult conditions. It offers a long lifetime even in high temperature and pressure environments. 

Scope of application:

ECAS capacitive sensors do not have an area limit for industrial level measurement. It can be used in pump or valve control of water and fuel tanks, alarm output of aggressive chemicals, filling-discharge systems of dry solids such as dust or cereals, and even level detection of very hot and sticky materials such as bitumen.

It is frequently preferred in fuel tracking and leakage systems, pharmaceutical industry, marine industry, plastic and similar raw material manufacturing, flour and feed storage.



ECAS level switch is a capacitive level sensor used for level control in conductive liquids, low conductive liquids, solid particulate powder materials, adhesive and acid/basic liquids.
Solid Particulate Materials are measured in our ECAS 300 series.
Conection Materials 304 Stainless Steel Opt. 316 Stainless Steel.
Isolation Materials PTFE, PFA Opt. Peek, Ceramic.
Working Pressures (-) 1 bar…100 bar (Depends on the model.)
Ambient Temperatures (-) 20°C…(+) 60°C.
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