We, as Ensim Sensors, have contributed so many projects in our country with our different products, offered solutions, and carried out special projects. In addition, we continue to proudly represent our country, which has more and more say in the global market, with our quality, local products. On this page, we have found it right to put emphasis on our projects which we provide at critical points and to which we offer solutions with our original products. The projects mentioned below are among our important examples in terms of the solutions we offer and the cooperation we make. We would like to state that we continue to work with many institutions in the domestic and foreign markets, and that we continue to create safe environments thanks to the  solutions we bring from the most difficult conditions to the easiest. We are ready to help you in your project-based needs. Please contact with us from the contact page for detailed information.

Natural Gas Sector

16-meter single piece Magnetic By-Pass for state natural gas facilities in Saudi Arabia’s capital city, Riyadh, ELG

Battery Sector

Capacitive sensor designed to measure and record the liquid gap on acid in battery manufacturing, i – CAP

Petrochemistry Industry

ATEX certified level measurement with 2mm accuracy, Magnetostrictive sensor in fuel storage and distribution facilities of Ukraine-Iraq-Syria, EMG




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