About process instruments by understanding customer needs and expectations in the best manner;

to make the measurement-control easier day by day with the products having innovative and durable design, that are easy to install and maintain and comply with the standards, and to generate
sustainable and permanent values while solving the problems of industry stakeholders by providing
users with the information they need within the scope of the solution.



“We make difficult conditions easy.”

From the easiest to the most difficult, we are reducing the problems and create a safe environment with our different level measurement sensors, wherever they are. We are making industrial level measurement easier day by day with our products and knowledge.


– Trading legally, legitimately and guiltlessly
– Knowing our responsibilities to the law and to our government, customers, employees, partners
and suppliers
– Using energy and resources efficiently with the principle of saving
– Being neutral and conscious in the security of Personal Data
– Being sensitive to the environment


Brand Recognition:

To spread the recognition of Ensim Sensors brand to all around Turkey and to ensure that the
perception of the brand is positively developed.

Product Range:

To offer options with a wide range of products and features suitable for different needs..


To be able to provide a strong traceability service where all stages from production to after-sales
service are recorded..

Quick Solution:

To be able to offer fast solutions and delivery times, to provide this service all over Turkey.

Provable Quality:

To expand our business area and show our competence by bringing certificates and documents that prove our quality to our brand.

Environment and OHS:

To determine the most harmless operating standards for people and nature by considering employee
health and safety first.

Digital Transformation and Lean Production:

To turn towars digital transformation in all processes of the company and to make the production to


Provided that our quality policy complies with the laws and regulations; 

We, as management, undertake:            

Customer Orientation       that we offer environmentally friendly products, knowing customer demands, needs and expectations and determining the needs that may arise according to the sectors

Risk Management            that we ensure full dependence on corporate risk management,

Development                       that we keep the product quality up-to-date and in line with the standards with staff and customer participation and improve it,

Active Participation              that we create a perfect management style and provide improvement by encouraging common sense,

Environment and OHS           that we follow a zero tolerance policy against accidents by ensuring that safety and hygiene measures are taken both in equipment, in the environment and in personal use areas,


That we will provide the necessary resources to achieve the determined goals, and

That we ensure the continuous improvement and development of the Quality Management System.



Provided that our environment policy complies with the laws and regulations, and Quality Management System;            

We, as management, undertake:          


     That, in order to make improvements in Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, we ensure that training needs are planned and given to raise awareness of our employees,

That, by following the technological developments, we ensure the selection of quality materials and equipment suitable for human and environmental health for a suitable working environment,

That we ensure the conscious use of natural resources in our activities, keep them at a minimum level and support their recycling,

That we minimize pollution and waste and ensure the disposal of our hazardous wastes with minimized environmental impact,  

That we ensure that all our personnel are trained about what to do in case of emergencies and that we are prepared for these situations,   

That, with the will and responsibility of all employees, especially the senior management, we create a healthy, safe and environmentally sensitive work culture and ensure its continuity,            

That we provide the necessary resources to achieve the determined goals,       

   That we fulfil compliance obligations, and   

That we ensure the continuous improvement and development of the Environmental Management System.



Provided that our customer satisfaction policy complies with the laws, and Quality Management System;

 We, as management, undertake:

         That, until customer requests and feedbacks are resolved and concluded within the scope of our products and services, we behave:

         * Customer Oriented

         * Transparent

         * Accessible

         * Responsive

         * Accountable

         * Objective,   

That we ensure that customer expectations are measured, evaluated and satisfied,

That our customer satisfaction policy will be applied,

That we ensure the continuous improvement and development of the Customer Satisfaction Management System.


                                    Provided that our OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) policy complies with the laws and regulations, and QualityManagement System; 

We, as management, undertake:    


            That, in order to make improvements in Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, we ensure that training needs are planned and given to raise awareness of our employees,

That we fulfil our legal obligations and always follow up,

That we precisely identify all kinds of risks, reduce them and engage in activities that turn them into opportunities,

That, by acting with the priority of zero accident and zero occupational disease, we take measures to minimize the damages in case of accidents or emergencies that may occur during our activities,

That, in order to increase awareness of human health and environmental consciousness, we gain skills and efficiency by taking into account the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders,

That we provide the necessary resources to achieve the determined goals,     

That we fulfil compliance obligations, 

That we ensure the continuous improvement and development of the OHS Management System.

Provided that business continuity policy complies with the laws and regulations, and Quality

Management System;

We, as management, undertake:

To perform risk analyzes and periodic controls regarding processes and take preventive and
protective measures before disaster strikes,

To work to protect our well established firm reputation that our customers and employees trust.

To implement and improve our business continuity capacity in line with the requirements of the

To ensure that the safety of our employees and stakeholders is the top priority in case of any
emergency, and that critical processes determined in the business impact analysis are restarted,

To prepare the necessary infrastructure to overcome events beyond our control with the least
possible impact,

And with awareness training, to keep the system ready with exercises, plan, measure and improve it.



                                    Provided that our Information Security policy complies with the laws, and Quality Management System;          

We, as management, undertake:          


That, in order to make improvements in Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, we ensure that training needs are planned and given to raise awareness of our employees,

That our information assets and processes will be detected,

That we protect the information assets of Lonca A.Ş. and provide secure access, preserve their integrity and confidentiality, against all kinds of threats from inside or outside, knowingly or unintentionally,

That we ensure that information security incidents are prevented and, in unavoidable cases, their effects are limited, 

That we increase awareness by providing relevant trainings to our employees in order to manage all kinds of risks against our business continuity and information assets,

That we ensure the establishment, documentation and certification of an information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 standard,

That we provide the necessary resources to achieve the determined goals,     

That we fulfil compliance obligations, 

That we ensure the continuous improvement and development of the Information Security Management System.



For LONCA A.Ş., Occupational Safety is the protection of the employees, the machinery, facilities, tools and equipment used, the information produced, the trust and image gained before the third parties from all kinds of dangers, fire, damage and loss. Occupational Safety is the assurance of the sustainability of our business.


In case we have to make a choice one day, we learned that doing our jobs accident-free, and life safety and job security, respectively, is more important and preferential than saving cost or time.


We have understood that we are all responsible for our own safety firstly, and we are all responsible for working and operating, supervising them to work, warning them when not working, taking the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of accident to zero, and maintaining it, in a way that does not endanger other employees, property, machine, information

and image;


That our target is ZERO ACCIDENT;


And that, in order to achieve this, the contribution of our employees, subcontractors and visitors at all levels, including managers, is necessary and essential, and regardless of the title and seniority, it would not be acceptable to think otherwise.


I am primarily responsible for my own life safety. If the minimum security conditions are not available while doing the work expected of me, I am also responsible for meeting these conditions or demanding their fulfilment.









Considering the safety of our valued customers, in order to protect fundamental rights and freedoms, especially the privacy

of private life, within the scope of our enlightenment obligation based on the KVKK (Law on the Protection of Personal Data

No.6698, which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated April 7, 2016 and numbered 29677)

issued on personal data;

Pursuant to the law, as a data controller and data processor, we, LONCA MAKİNA SAN. TİC. A.Ş. (Data Controller), record

and store your personal data in order to establish a service relationship, to ensure continuity of service, to perform our

services, and in accordance with our responsibilities arising from other laws as a company.

In this context, as Data Controller, it will be able to obtain, save, maintain personal information within the framework

described in the Law, update and rearrange it in order to maintain the contractual relationship, and in cases and to the

extent permitted by the relevant legislation, it will be able to disclose, transfer, transmit to third parties, share with the

third parties and operate in other ways listed in the Law.

Your personal data refers to the data and information that defines you, such as your name and surname, address, your

contact numbers and emails, company or personal invoice information, questions directed to you by our customer

representatives, your answers, the transaction you request, access and traffic information, so that you can benefit from our

service contracts.

In the event that your personal data is obtained completely or partially by automatic means, by phone or in person; they

can be collected by recording the information and statements requested by our customer representatives for your user

security and by submitting us the data and documents requested in other services.

Sensitive personal data refers to the data of the persons related to their race, ethnicity, political opinion, philosophical

belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, appearance, membership in associations, foundations or trade unions, health, sexual

life, criminal conviction and security measures. (Biometric and genetic data are not taken)

As a rule, our company does not request and process sensitive personal data from its customers. However, as per the

policies of the third persons and entities, only if the information and data required for registration constitute sensitive

personal data, they may be recorded. For example; in the event that your identity sample contains a "religion" section and

your religious belief is included, even if the purpose is not to record your sensitive personal data, it may be within the scope

of sensitive personal data because of the qualification of the document containing it.

Without prejudice to the conditions stipulated in Article 28 of the Law titled Exceptions, your rights that you can use by

applying to our Company within the framework of Article 11 of the Law are as follows:

a. Learning whether your personal data is processed or not,

b. If your personal data is processed, demanding information in this regard,

c. Learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in compliance with their


d. Knowing the third parties, to whom your personal data is transferred, domestically or abroad,

e. Requesting correction of your personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, requesting the deletion

or disposal of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law,

f. Requesting notification of the transactions made pursuant to articles (d) and (e) above to third parties to whom

your personal data has been transferred,

g. Objecting to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing your processed data exclusively through

automated systems,

h. Requesting compensation of your loss in case you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of your personal


We would like to state that we reserve the right to demand from you the expenses incurred by our company in order

to fulfill your requests according to the tariff specified in Article 13 of the Law titled Application to Data Controller.

As a part of the Quality Management Policy, LONCA has obtained its international certificates and ensured its sustainability.


A-General Principles

The core of LONCA's corporate sustainability approach is to continuously improve, be environmentally and socially conscious, and prioritize its responsibility to the future by advancing the company towards more ambitious goals.

The "Sustainability Policy" is embraced within a comprehensive framework, based on sustainable future strategies, company policies, and objectives.


LONCA has defined policies in the management systems encompassing Quality, Environment, Business Continuity, Information Security, Customer Satisfaction, Energy, and Occupational Health and Safety.


To become a reliable business partner that creates innovative solutions and opportunities on a global scale, LONCA commits to:


• Comply with legal and other requirements related to Quality, Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety, as well as meet customer-specific requests and applicable conditions.

• Ensure customer and employee satisfaction and sustain it over time.

• Set measurable objectives and targets to enhance Quality, Environment, Energy, and Occupational Health and Safety performance, and pursue them with all necessary resources.

• Improve company performance and production efficiency.

• Create safe and healthy working environment to achieve zero defects in quality and zero accident in occupational health and safety.

• Obtain the input and participation of employees and their representatives in the development and improvement of the management system.

• Reduce and eliminate hazards and risks through error-proofing, risk & opportunity assessment, and problem-solving methods in process management and investment planning.

• Prevent environmental pollution at the source, minimize waste, and promote efficient energy use in product and service procurement.

• Support product and process design activities focused on improving energy performance, creating environmentally compatible, clean, safe, and healthy workspaces, and developing programs to raise awareness among all stakeholders affected by our activities.

• Follow a sustainable environmental management policy based on national environmental legislation, relevant the environmental standards, and the best technologies in the sector.

• Promote a suggestion and reward system for innovative employee contributions to production.

• Ensure information security and business continuity in all activities.


While conducting sustainability activities, our company aims to improve the quality of life in the community, support economic development, adopt policies that respect the environment, contribute to various projects with social and cultural purposes, provide valuable services in education, health, environment, culture, and other fields through internalizing the core principles of corporate governance such as transparency, fairness, accountability, and responsibility, and support initiatives to increase employee awareness and involvement in social responsibility projects.


In this context, ensuring equality, providing information responsibility, and implementing corporate governance practices are among the company's fundamental objectives to achieve sustainability in its corporate activities.


• Environmental Principles


Within its vision, our company considers it important not only to optimize investments but also to contribute to the industry by being environmentally conscious and taking part in activities that support the environment.


Our company adopts sustainable environmental practices as an integral part of all processes in compliance with Turkish Standards, European Union Standards, and International Environmental Management System Standards, contributing to the goal of sustainable environment.


Our company evaluates environmental management and performance with a risk and opportunity-oriented approach, and carries out activities to reduce natural resource consumption with a sustainability approach.


Within this framework, preventing pollution, ensuring energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing water consumption, contributing to recycling, and conducting all these activities in compliance with regulations are taken into account in all our operations. The design of our products, the supply process of raw materials, the processing stage, all logistics phases, and the post-life impacts of products are considered.


Our company pledges to support continuous improvement through its environmental policy, create a culture that will maintain and strengthen our position as a preferred, reliable, and leading company, and focus on social responsibilities with our social responsibility projects, which are in line with the sustainability approach, and to provide complete and accurate information in this direction.


• Social Principles


LONCA places a significant emphasis on complying with the legal framework and regulations governing human rights and labor practices in all its activities.


In addition to implementing practices that are consistent with Corporate Governance principles within the Company and continuing and implementing these activities, we strive to attach the necessary importance to continue these Social Responsibility activities in line with this principle and to be carried out together with the Company's stakeholders.


The Company manages its relationships with all stakeholders in accordance with ethical principles, in addition to legal regulations. All stakeholders and beneficiaries are informed comprehensively and timely through special situation disclosures, press releases, financial reports, and announcements on our website.


With the effect of value chain and social impact, we are meticulous about providing equal employment opportunities, improving working standards, promoting women's employment, and inclusiveness (regardless of gender, religion, language, race, ethnic origin, age, disability, refugee status, etc.). Discrimination, inequality, human rights violations, and forced labor are strictly prohibited as per legal regulations. Particular attention is given to not employing child labor, which is also legally prohibited.


Our company focuses on a proactive approach to occupational health and safety, taking preventive measures to avoid accidents and continuously improving the working conditions for our employees and stakeholders. Compliance with national and international OHS legislation and relevant standards is ensured. At every level, personnel are trained and informed to establish a culture where everyone is responsible for themselves and their colleagues.


Our company also demonstrates high compliance with data protection regulations. Our Privacy Statement on Personal Data Protection has been prepared in writing and is publicly available on our website. In addition, necessary information and training have been provided to employees regarding personal data protection.


The company conducts all its activities in compliance with the principles of accountability, equality, transparency, fairness, and responsibility in its relationships with all stakeholders. Ensuring equal rights and opportunities for certain vulnerability groups (low-income groups, women, etc.) or minority rights/equal opportunities is given special consideration throughout the value chain.


Our company evaluates the inclusion of these principles/organizations concerning especially environmental and social impacts and their involvement in sustainability indices in line with the developing Sustainability Policy and practices.

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