FS 10/11 

 4 – 20 mA
Measure Range: 4 ÷ 150 cm / sec.

Electrical Connection: M12 (4-pin) Connector
Full corrosion-proof construction


4 – 20mA
Electrical Connection:  Standart 8-pin M12 Connector
The state is indicated by LEDs
Easy installation and almost maintenance-free attendance


FLOW 32 

Power: 24V DC±15% power with polarity reversal protection


OUT1 – impulse (max. 800 Hz)
OUT2 – impulse/status (max. 800 Hz)
OUT3 – status
Analog 4…20 mA

The FLOW 32 inductive meter is very easy to install. Electrical connection of the meter to the system is made possible through the cable entry right to the terminals.

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