ELG-T magnetic level transmitter is produced for by-pass magnetic level indicators
and provides proportional tracking opportunity in the indicators. It is connected with a clamp on the magnetic indicator. It is a common measurement method that provides level control by sensing the float thanks to the sensors placed by spacing 5mm / 10mm / 15mm in the device.

Scope of application:

It can be adapted on many different magnetic levels; however, it is important that the float in the product can generate adequate magnetic power for the transmitter to perceive it.



ELG magnetic by-pass level indicators are mounted on the outer or upper surfaces of tanks, boilers and tanks. It gives the opportunity to see the level easily and with high accuracy.
In our ELG T series Pipe Materials 304 Stainless Steel.
Reading Range 5mm…15mm.
Supply 10…36 VDC
Operating Temperature is (-) 10°C…(+) 150°C.
Electrical Connection Terminal , PG7 Socket and DIN 43650C.
Mechanical Connection attached to body with clamp.
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