ELG magnetic level indicators are based on the method
of tracking the level with a magnetic float placed in a durable and flanged stainless pipe connected via by-pass method to a pressurized container. With the principle of the same liquid level in closed containers, the float rises to the level of the fluid in the tank and turns the indicator flaps in front of the pipe.

ELG magnetic level indicators are preferred because they have a very long life, can withstand harsh conditions, provide on-site observation and work without electricity supply. In addition, it can provide instant level tracking with ELG-T series magnetic transmitters connected outside the pipe. The suitable float is selected according to the fluid type and density.

Scope of application

ELG magnetic level indicators are mostly preferred in gas and fuel sector and high temperature boilers. In terms of suitability of mounting to the tank, the additional distance equal to the turning margin and the float margin at high lengths should take into account.

· Petro-Chemistry industry
· High temperature and pressure boilers
· Fields without electricity
· Facilities with remote tank and PLC control distance



ELG magnetic by-pass level indicators are mounted on the outer or upper surfaces of tanks, boilers and tanks. It gives the opportunity to see the level easily and with high accuracy. It is more economical than other mechanical method measurement systems and provides advantages to the user with its ease of assembly and maintenance, as well as different mounting methods.
In our ELG series, our operating temperature is (-)40…(+)180°C, (-)40…(+)360°C Opt. 360°C.
Our Connection Materials 304 Stainless Steel Opt. and 316 Stainless Steel, Titanium.
Our Working Pressure is (-)16…(+)100 bar.
Float Material is 304 Stainless Steel Opt. and 316 Stainless Steel, Titanium.
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