Level Switches - Side Mounted

ELB level switches (side output) are used for tank level measurement and control. It is preferred in virtue of high temperature resistance, long-lasting contact structure that can work in all directions, stainless steel wet parts, vertical or horizontal connection advantages.


* Stainless external tank (By-Pass)
* Bellows apparatus for granular fluids
* Test apparatus
* Counter flange

Scope of application:

Food, ships, machinery, boilers and storage tanks.

Working Principle:

Microswitch changes direction with the movement, occurring after magnet in float arm, moving by changing liquid level, affects magnet inside body, magnetically optained contact information is assessed by transferring into applications such as pump, solenoid valve etc.

ELB 10 – Low Pressure Standard

16 bar, Max. 150°C
0.7 g/cm³ 1xMicroswitch (NO/NC)
Adjustable Type

ELB 11 – High Pressure Standard

25 bar, Max. 250°C
0.7 g/cm³ 1xMicroswitch (NO/NC)

ELB 12 – Extended Arm

25 bar, Max. 250°C
0.7 g/cm³ 
1xMicroswitch (NO/NC)

ELB 41 – Economic

7 bar, 160°C
0.8 g/cm³ 2xMicroswitch (NO/NC) 

ELB 51 – Pneumatic Output

25 bar, Max. 250°C
0.7 g/cm³ Control Air Pressure: 1,4 bar (Std)
Output : 0,2 – 1 bar

ELB 61 – Top Mounting

16 bar, Max. 150°C
0.7 g/cm³ 1xMicroswitch (NO/NC)

ELB 10x – High Protection

25 bar, Max.250°C
0.7 g/cm³ 1xMicroswitch (NO/NC)
Complete Stainless Steel Design

ELB 71 – High Temperature

25 bar, Max. 400°C
0.7 g/cm³ 1xMicroswitch (NO/NC)

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