ECAP level transmitter is a capacitive level sensor
for level measurement of conductive liquid, low conductive liquid, granulated materials with solid particles, adhesive and acid/basic liquids. When a material comes between electrode rod and tank wall, a capacitance change occurs and when this change exceed adjustment threshold, contact output is delivered. Full-empty calibration can be performed easily and safely. Different designs and different solution related to industrial level measurement are offered especially for machinery manufacturers.

Application Areas

– Liquid tanks, food machines, cooling liquid tanks, shipping, glycol tanks, brine, waste water tanks.
– Oil tanks, CO₂ liquid tanks, high temperature tanks, non-conductive liquids.
– Grain stores, cement, sand feed, flour, milk powder, organic and plastic granule.
– Sticky hot and high viscosity liquid, acid and chemical liquids.

ECAP 304

1 1/2” BSP Male Thread , (Max. 32m.)
(-)1…(+)60bar, (-)40…(+)150°C
4-20mA Two Wires (std.)
Opt. 0/4-20mA, 0-10V Three Wires
Aluminium Housing 

ECAP 305

1” BSP Male Thread , (Max. 6m.)
(-)1…(+)60bar , (-)40…(+)150°C
4-20mA Two Wires (Std.)
Opt. 0/4-20mA – 0-10V Three Wires
Plastic Housing 


1 1/2” BSP Male Thread , (Max.4m.)
Max.25 bar , -)40…(+)400°C
4-20mA Two Wires (Std.)
Opt. 0/4-20mA – 0-10V Three Wires
Aluminium Housing 

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