ECAP level transmitter is a capacitive level sensor
for level measurement of conductive liquid, low conductive liquid, granulated materials with solid particles, adhesive and acid/basic liquids. When a material comes between electrode rod and tank wall, a capacitance change occurs and when this change exceed adjustment threshold, contact output is delivered. Full-empty calibration can be performed easily and safely. Different designs and different solution related to industrial level measurement are offered especially for machinery manufacturers.

Application Areas

– Liquid tanks, food machines, cooling liquid tanks, shipping, glycol tanks, brine, waste water tanks.
– Oil tanks, CO₂ liquid tanks, high temperature tanks, non-conductive liquids.
– Grain stores, cement, sand feed, flour, milk powder, organic and plastic granule.
– Sticky hot and high viscosity liquid, acid and chemical liquids.



ECAP level transmitters are capacitive level sensors used for level measurement in conductive liquids, low conductivity liquids, solid particulate and powdery materials, sticky and acid/basic liquids.
Materials to Measure in our ECAP 300 series Solid Particulate Materials.
Connection Material 304 Stainless Steel Opt. 316 Stainless Steel.
Insulation Material PFA Std. Op. PEEK, PTFE, Rubber, FKM
Working Pressure (-) 1 bar…100 bar (Depends on model)
Ambient Temperature is (-)20°C…(+)60°C.
Indicator Power and Adjustment Led
Insulation Max. 500V.
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