Tilt Switch

A mercury-free sensor is used in the tilt sensor. Mercury-free sensors provide high performance in terms of sensitivity and stability. The sensor is protected against external conditions with epoxy resin inside the sheath. It normally works in vertical position. It makes contact when it encounters a slope that exceeds the angle value from the right and left perpendicular position. This contact information can be evaluated in an electronic unit as, for example, the status of the conveyor or the level of the silo. Relay delay can be given with time relay.

Usage Places : Conveyor belts , silos , ship loading telescopic stays…

E-GSM Alarm Device – 2 Inputs

Battery and/or Powered 2 Lithium batteries, 12 V adapter included. Line or prepaid phone card is excluded.

Advantages :

Easy assembly Economical It is resistant to abrasion.


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