DX-ELF motor is used for level control
in silos and tanks where materials with solid particles are stored.Full and empty signals can be received by performing level control in many demanding applications with different probe and pedal varieties in a safe manner. It can be connected horizontally and vertically.

A palette selected according to the material is installed on the tip of the motorized level switch which can be installed on the tank wall. It revolves idly with the revolution speed of the probe motor. Material to be detected reaches to the level of the palette and covers its circumference and creates a counter-force according to the revolution force. Firstly, level information alarm contact is activated. Then, the other contact is triggered and stops the motor. Adjustment of the spring in four different torque values according to specific weight of the material can be realized by the user. When the material level at the end of the palette is decreased the created force is released and the motor starts to revolve, consequently, changing the alarm position.

Aplications ;
– Plastic Industry ; PVC, PVDF, PP granular etc..
– Food Industry ; Grain Dust, Ground Corn, Sugar-Granulated, Cacao, Malt-Graoung Dry, Sunflower Corn, Whead, Peanuts-Shelled, Clays- Kaoline, Talcum Powder, Ground-Paprika, Coffee-Roasted  vb..
– Build Industry ; Rocks-Limestone Crushed, Lime, Cement Powder, Rubber Ground, Lime Hydrate Dust, Calsium Dust, Iron Chips, Silica Sand, Moulding Sand, Styrofaam etc..
– Wood Industry ; Wooden Fiberst, Saw Dust etc..
– Other Chemistry Industry ; Coal Lump, Ash-Coal Dry etc



It provides easy measurement for low-conductive liquids, conductive liquids, solid particulate materials.
Our connection dimensions in our DX-ELF 100 series are R 1" (Std.) , Opt. – R 1 1/4" – R 1 1/2" Male Teeth
Our Operating Temperature is (-)20…(+)60°C.

Our Working Pressure is (-)0.6…(+)0.6 bar.
Our Connection Materials are 304 Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel.
The turnover of our products is 5 d/d (Std.) (Clockwise – at sight by pallet) Opt. 1,5 – 1,8 d/d 
Housing: It is aluminum.
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