Our Sales Conditions

- The offer is prepared by making the product selection in compliance with the customer's request and sent to the customer. The technical specifications of the product, payment method, delivery date, shipping method, etc. are specified in the offer. The customer has to send approved order. Otherwise, LONCA cannot be held responsible for any mistakes that may arise.
- The delivery time is specified in the proposal form, this period is valid from the date of order. In case the specified date has lapsed, if this delay is not caused by Lonca, Lonca is not responsible for this delay.
- Payment must be made within the time specified in the offer. Delay interest is charged for delays that exceed the duration.
- Our products are guaranteed for 2 years starting from the invoice date against manufacturing defects. In case of faults caused by production in the materials covered by the warranty, the product shall be repaired or replaced free of charge. If the failure is caused by problems such as misuse, breakage and damage, or if the product is used outside the instructions for use, the product shall be repaired or replaced at the charge of the customer.  The customer shall be informed with the service report for the defective product.
- The warranty period of imported products is the warranty period given by the manufacturer company. Lonca is obliged to try to solve the problem related to the material under warranty by providing the relationship between the customer and the manufacturer.
- Lonca is obliged to provide the customer with all descriptive catalogues and non-confidential information as well as bidding.
- The features of our products are as specified in the catalogues. Unless a different feature is specified
by the customer, the products are produced in the standards specified in the catalogue.
In case of partial orders for the proposal, confirmation is required to be obtained from Lonca.
- Value Added Tax is not included in unit prices.
Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for disputes that may arise in the Proposal - Order - Invoice transactions. The customer accepts this when buying material.
- In case of disputes arising about the materials related to our manufacturing, he/she accepts the findings and results of the expert determined by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Lonca's and the customers right to court is reserved.

Our Delivery Terms

- Delivery is realized within the time specified in the proposal form after the order.
- Unless otherwise stated in the proposal, the place of delivery is the office of Lonca.
- In case of a failure of the customer to receive the material from Lonca, it is sent by cargo as stated in the proposal. The customer may have the materials insured if he/she wishes, otherwise the materials shall be sent as uninsured. - In this case, Lonca is not responsible for any damage that may occur during transportation.
- In case of delay in the delivery of the material in unusual circumstances (because of fire, flood, strike, lockout, epidemic, accident and for reasonably reasons beyond our control), this delay shall not be included in the delivery time specified in the proposal.
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