You can access the level measurement sensors called Ex-Proof, which have the ATEX Certificate, which describes the suitability of the devices for use in explosive environments according to their degrees, on this page.

Thanks to Ensim Sensors‘ unique housing, DX group products have Ex d certification and are also in IP66/68 protection class. We are proud to contribute to the nationalization of the Turkish industry by producing ATEX certified temperature sensors completely in our factory.

You can contact us immediately for measuring devices in environments requiring Ex-Proof features. If you share your Zone zones and T classes that you need to measure, you can determine the most suitable sensor for your needs with us.

Resistance thermometers are used in industry where precise temperature measurement is required.
It is based on the variation of the electrical resistance of the conductor with temperature.
A resistance detector is used as a conductor, wound from a thin platinum or nickel wire insulated in enamel, glass or ceramic.

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