DX-ETT exproof capacitive atex temperature sensors atex level control of solid and liquid materials in explosive environments; It offers high precision limit control despite dust, foam, dirt or similar particles.

The capacitive measuring principle is based on the detection of the capacitive value, which varies depending on the mass, between the electrode and the tank surface. The sensor electrode is immersed in the material until the desired point after the installation and the value read by the sensor is recorded as the limit level. Thus, the sensor, which only detects the unique capacity created by the material, is not affected by other materials in the fluid and offers a high sensitivity.

DX-ETT ex-proof capacitive temperature sensors are designed for the toughest conditions. It offers a long service life even in high temperature and pressure environments.

Scope of Application:

Industrial level measurement of DX-ETT exproof capacitive sensors has no field limit. In the pump or valve control of tanks that require ATEX certificate, in the alarm output of explosive chemicals, in the filling-discharging systems of easily flammable dry solids such as dust or grain; It can be used for level detection in fuel storage and distribution facilities.



Resistance thermometers are used in industry where precise temperature measurement is required. It is based on the variation of the electrical resistance of the conductor with temperature.
Our measurement range in our DX-ETT series is (-)50°C…(+)200°C.
In our DX-ETT 02 and DX-ETT 03 series, our mechanical connections are R 1/2" (Std).
Our ambient temperature is (-) 20°C…(+) 60°C.
1 x pt100 3-wire Class B (EN 60751) Opt. as sensor. It can be selected.
Our Materials 304 Stainless Steel Opt. 316 Stainless Steel
The immersion length may vary upon request.
Our plunge diameter is 6 / 9 / 11 /14 mm.
Housing: It is Aluminum.
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