ATEX Level

You can access the level measurement sensors called Ex-Proof and having ATEX Certificate that describes the suitability of use of the devices in explosive atmospheres according to their degree. Thanks to Ensim Sensors unique housing, DX group products have Ex D certification and are also in IP66 protection class. We are proud to contribute to the nationalization of the Turkey’s industry by producing ATEX certified level sensors entirely in our factory.

You can contact us immediately for measurement devices in environments that require Ex-Proof features. If you share the Zone zones and T classes you need to measure, you can determine the most suitable sensor for your needs with us.

Lonca Makina is the distributor of BD Sensors, one of the best brands in the world in the field of hydrostatic level, in Turkey.
It offers an ex-proof option for all models.

• High precision level tracking


DX-ECAS level switch is a capacitive level sensor used for level control in conductive liquids, low conductivity liquids, solid particle powder materials, sticky and acid/basic liquids.

DX-ELS level switch is a model that can be used for all standard processes in liquid level point control. For high temperature and pressure or aggressive chemicals, please choose DX-ECAS model.

It is designed for alarm level control in pressure boilers and stringent liquid tanks. It provides a long-lasting measurement opportunity for point control in liquid tanks despite high pressure or temperature.

It is the most economical method for conductive liquid tanks followed by an ex-proof control device. When the right product is chosen, they never deteriorate.

These are advanced motorized level switches designed as an alarm level in solid fluid tanks and made ready for many process needs. It is the most economical method for ex-proof solid fluid tanks.


It is the most sensitive and durable proportional measurement device model with ex-proof feature. Suitable for all liquid fluids and most solid fluid tanks.



It is an economical method offering proportional measurement for liquid tanks. It is the most suitable model for long-term liquid ex-proof tanks that require measurement precision.