DeltawaveC Ultrasonic Flowmeter

DeltaflowC measures real mass flow and compensates the influence of changes in (static) pressure and temperature on the signal. Compared with other technologies such as thermal mass flow meters, deltaflowC is widely resistant to long term drift by coatings and dust on the sensor surface. Intelligent zero-drift compensation algorithms make deltaflowC to a zero-maintenance flowmeter. It can be used in wide flow, temperature and pressure range.

Flow Range : -30…30 m/s
Pipe Sizes : DN10…DN6000
Input : 2x PT100
Output : 1x Relais, 2×4…20mA, 2x Digi
Power Supply : 230VAC or 24VDC
Temperature : – 40 …150°C


100% contact free with the liquid
100% wear and tear free 
100% leackage save
100% hygenic
100% free of pressure loss

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